This Respect Thing

I saw this post this morning, and I screen grabbed it. It was like an alarm sounding in my head: Respect people who do not deserve it. This is a complete opposite to the ‘respect is reciprocal’ phrase. Or is it clause? 

Sometimes I want to just to cry for people who have no sense of value towards other people, some times it’s hard to ignore their silliness, especially when they’re talking nasty to someone close to me.

This one is not even particular to just male or female species, it’s everywhere- the disrespect and lousiness. And it could be hard to respect people like that! Especially when they feel better talking people down.

But what can I do? Pictures like the one above remind me about what to do, remind me that I live above (forget that I beat up someone a while back), that it’s their problem, and I don’t have to make it mine, and that there will always be people like that in the world.

I should just make this my wall paper, so that it won’t be out of  my sight and eventually out of my mind.

Have a great day.