Not so cliché

In all honesty, i don’t know what this picture is doing on my blog… Except maybe for the fact that i like chicken and just ate suya.

You know how not so cliché it is when you open your WordPress and read your posts, the ones where you drop so much wisdom, and you just could be a 21st century Gandhi?
… You know how not so cliché it is when, inspite of all your Instagram posts showing how in love with the world and inspired by life you are, your world at the moment is slanted at a 270° angle?

…You know how not so cliché it is when you begin to see the good in people, because you just read somewhere that you can change the world a person at a time?

…you know how not so cliché this  ‘not so cliché’ post is, because everybody uses ‘cliché’ these days, even down to a hair dryer: ‘my gawwwd, your hair dryer is soooo cliché!’+ flips hair. ?

…you know how not so cliché it is, when you don’t understand yourself, but you’re asking someone ‘do you understand me?’ And the person says ‘not really’, so you admit you don’t understand yourself either?

…you know how cliché it is that I have used the word cliché so much in this post, the entire post looks cliché to me.

I must add this one: you know how not so cliché it is, when you leave your room for a stroll at night, end up at a suya stand, and have someone buy your suya wrap for you, because you don’t have change? 

Yes, I know, I never have change these days, I just take the piece they give me to taste and swagger back to my dorm.


I Told Myself

Hi my friend! It’s been a while oh *inserts big happy face smiley* 

Exams have been visiting for the past few weeks so I decided to leave this baby of mine and face the papers. Have they been good? Hahaha. Yeah. 

This is me, during a drama performance.
So I told myself I was going to start doing many things to my advantage. People made resolutions at the beginning of the year, Amie here, does hers at the end.

Me again, ministering in songs at DOSSOM, you know i love Jesus right? 🙂
I told myself I was going to be patient. There’s this rushing thing that comes with the end of the year. Everyone wants to do as much or get as much before the year runs out. You can’t see them running, but they might be standing beside you while their minds have travelled to Burkina Faso. 

Waiting is hard. But I’m learning that waiting is fun too. While you wait, there’s an opening for you to see things that you weren’t seeing before, feel things you weren’t feeling before, experience something you might have missed in the course of pursuing that one something.

Of course this is two-sided; you might see, feel, experience some bad stuff, but isn’t that why we grow? To learn?

I told myself I’m young, and so I should savour every moment: the bad ones the most, so that I would know how to handle myself the next time I found myself in a place like that. 

I talked a lot to myself, but even awoof runs the belle, so I’ll take it one at a time.

I’m back

Lol. Exams finish in a few days, so I prophesy my ‘backness’.

Much love,

Your Girlfriend.


Awoof: more than enough of something, interchangeable with bonuses.

Belle: stomach.

In secondary school

Adults have always been more of my friends than my age mates. I mean, what could 21 year olds possibly know, that adults won’t know, right?

Nah. It’s never really been about that.

I did not really have friends in secondary school, which was a government school. I did not know how to relate and when I did, I did the wrong things, said the wrong things, made the wrong expressions, or I was really stubborn when we had arguments, and ended our friendships. I just didn’t get the hang and attachments that came with secondary school.

The teachers on the other hand, they just flowed with me like water.I enjoyed going to their offices, sitting down, having them ask me questions. As a prefect, they would advise me to be serious and not allow contrabands, or be caught cheating in the exam hall, or let anyone smuggle food out of the dining hall.

Let me say, that I was not a ‘perfect student’ in any way. Yes, I had a charisma around adults, but I was not a favourite among my set. My classmates were another matter though: it seemed to me like they had come to respect me as I was: their class captain with a weird way of life, weird, in the sense that I could not really flow with my age mates, but I was in my element with the staff.

Staff! Students and staff never really got along, and that was another problem, it seemed to them like I was a snitch. Because the staff liked me. And they showed it. And it grated on the other students’ nerves.

Till today, my classmates call me ‘class capo’ whenever they see me, anywhere. It got so embarrassing that even when I got to the university, and met some of them, they still called me class captain and head-boy (which is a story for another day). I had to beg them to let it go.

Now that I think of it, I enjoyed secondary school. I have a journal that chronicled my depression through out my seven years in FGGC Sagamu. I was depressed most of the time. And when I repeated a class? It was liquid hell. 

But the teachers were always there. There will be more on this. I promise myself that. 

Rains and Lazy Days

This morning and the rain that came with it will stay in my memory for a long time- till it stops. Schooling in an area that is close to the mountains is synonymous to heavy rain and lazy feet. So I’m here, trying to finish up an interesting (surprisingly!) assignment on ‘Antigone’ and Greek Tragedy, and my roommates are singing happily about how they won’t attend lectures, because of the rain.

It just occurred to me that my mum doesn’t know I have a blog. A growing blog, that isBefore I go any further, I have to say a BIG thank you for following this blog, you are the best. I say this because she knew I was on blogspot before- I opened it with her router, but I never bought a modem that could keep up with my data use, and I also didn’t have the phone app (computers aren’t always easy to carry around). She also doesn’t know that I stopped operating the blog when it kept hanging on my phone.

Assignment done, I’m sitting outside class, alongside my other errant classmates who came late to make-up class. Our lecturer sent them out of the class because they didn’t have aprons. I came late. And I had no apron. So I joined the growing community. I must say though, that I don’t feel happy with myself for going late to that class. I mean, I love that class, most of the classes for this semester, and I enjoy them. I can’t even blame this one on the rain, it’s all me.

So I have an hour extra to stay out of all the fun going on in the class right now, and I’m updating the blog. Next class started. I mustn’t be late for this one!