In secondary school

Adults have always been more of my friends than my age mates. I mean, what could 21 year olds possibly know, that adults won’t know, right?

Nah. It’s never really been about that.

I did not really have friends in secondary school, which was a government school. I did not know how to relate and when I did, I did the wrong things, said the wrong things, made the wrong expressions, or I was really stubborn when we had arguments, and ended our friendships. I just didn’t get the hang and attachments that came with secondary school.

The teachers on the other hand, they just flowed with me like water.I enjoyed going to their offices, sitting down, having them ask me questions. As a prefect, they would advise me to be serious and not allow contrabands, or be caught cheating in the exam hall, or let anyone smuggle food out of the dining hall.

Let me say, that I was not a ‘perfect student’ in any way. Yes, I had a charisma around adults, but I was not a favourite among my set. My classmates were another matter though: it seemed to me like they had come to respect me as I was: their class captain with a weird way of life, weird, in the sense that I could not really flow with my age mates, but I was in my element with the staff.

Staff! Students and staff never really got along, and that was another problem, it seemed to them like I was a snitch. Because the staff liked me. And they showed it. And it grated on the other students’ nerves.

Till today, my classmates call me ‘class capo’ whenever they see me, anywhere. It got so embarrassing that even when I got to the university, and met some of them, they still called me class captain and head-boy (which is a story for another day). I had to beg them to let it go.

Now that I think of it, I enjoyed secondary school. I have a journal that chronicled my depression through out my seven years in FGGC Sagamu. I was depressed most of the time. And when I repeated a class? It was liquid hell. 

But the teachers were always there. There will be more on this. I promise myself that.