new year resolutions 

I think new year resolutions are over rated. 

Why am I writing this after almost three weeks of being a ghost on my own blog? Hardly do I know. 

But here’s what I do know: the ‘new year’ ends after the first month,  after which we all drift back into our circles of passivity and nonchalance towards a once-perceived-as- imperative goal, and the circle continues. 

I learnt something though, to set goals. Realistic goals. And work towards achieving them. And measure my progress every quarter. It makes me not so scared of being a lower when it comes to those resolutions anymore.

So these are my goals:

Read more. Love more. Talk to God more. WordPress on a constant. Be honest more. Take shit from the ones I love more. Be marriable more- serious talk. I’m so individualistic sometimes. I shake my head at myself. I hardly cook stuff to eat.

As I’m typing this, I’m taking a shit, hoping to clear my bowels for the suya I will buy. If you’re new to The Girlfriend Blog you might not get my thing with suya… I haven’t really gotten it either.

So I need to work more on how to live like there’s a second person in my life. Be more detailed,  etc etc.

This promises to be a great year.