I hear

I hear these girls talk about how men should be castrated for beating women, more, the ones who torment their wives: who rape, beat, blackmail their women. I hear them tell stories about men who beat women as a hobby, of women who stay in their marriages not because of the love, but because of shame- because they do not want to be the laughing stock of the society. 

 I hear them suggest punishments- ‘killing the man would not do so much, because he won’t feel any pain’. 

‘it’s better to cut him up all over his body, then add pepper in all the open wounds , then you can kill him afterwards’.

I hear them use famous people with bad marriages as an example, like the lady who showed the world on social media that she had a perfect marriage, until one day when she revealed to the same fooled world how she was a victim of battery and how all she had shown us that her husband had got for her was scripted. She was a good actor, on tv and in real life.

I hear them through my twenty-one year old ears.

I heard punches through my five year old ears- the ones from my dad to my mum. He was a very generous giver, he didn’t hold back. Through my five-year old eyes I saw my dad throw my mum into a gutter, drag her out and slam her against the wall. Yet, she stayed, because of us. 

Some times, she fought back, some times she was too weak to do anything except block her eyes from his hands, so that all she had left that was not broken in her body were her eye balls- to look after us.

You might be wondering how I remember, I wonder too. Somehow, I think I grew up fast, because I already had grey hair in my mind, though I have not seen it on my head yet.

I hear them say these women are fools, and I hiss out loud. Because they are the fools.