There are times when the zeal to do something you love just fades. It’s not for lack of passion, it’s just what it is. But in these times, it is because you know why you started it in the first place, that is what keeps you going.
There will be times when you and a friend will not talk as much as you used to. You might begin to wonder if you are really friends. Or if your job is the right one for you, because there’s no fire anymore.

There will be uncertainties at every turn, sometimes it could be a lack of assuredness that the person you love might not love you back as much as you do them. Or it could be a little thud in your chest that in the place you’re working, people do not appreciate you.


These things do not make up all of our lives. We have joys, victories, memories, triumphs. We have hope. 

This is for everyone who has felt like this at some point. It’s not your entire life, it’s just one hurdle in your race. So live, and be happy, cry when you need to, and move on. Rise above those feelings and live.

And Live.


A Sunday In September

What is your innermost desire?

What keeps you awake when everyone else is deep asleep?

What pictures do you see in your mind about how your life would be in the coming years? 

What gives you the confidence that you will be alive at that time?

Is your life right now worthy of emulation?

Would you be comfortable, if, right now, your life was switched with that of the ones you love: that they live your life as you live it, and you live theirs?

Would you be endangering them?

Would they be proud of you and looking up to you?

So many questions this Sunday, I have to pause too and answer my own questions honestly.

Live a life you’d be proud of if you watched it on tape. Don’t be two-faced, it never does anybody any good.

Except Tu Baba, he’s made a name for himself since he was called tu-face. But you get my point, right? 

And remember, God loves you. Leave logic and rationality. Leave philosophy and the questions about whether there really is a God. The God who made the heavens and the earth. Leave a life behind that you lived to his glory. 

Have a great week, 
Your Girlfriend.

You’re As Good As You Make The Next Person Look

First of all…

Go down low?

Happy New Month! Welcome to September, amigo, I wish you the best of this month. ‘Like play like play’, we have come to the beginning of the end of the year- the last quarter. There is a kind of tension that fills the air in this season; everyone rushing to make something of themselves before another year catwalks past them.

This post was inspired by something that happened yesterday- between an older friend and I. I was talking with the head of the music department in school, who is a much older friend, I happen to have lots of older friends-something about heredity and my mother, when I felt some stares at my back. I didn’t pay attention much, I just kept talking as I escorted him to his car. I hadn’t even gotten a minute rest on entering the department, when this friend called me and asked me what I was doing with that man. I answered and said I was taking some personal courses in his department. Then this man goes: ‘he is not a responsible man, I don’t talk with him because of that, we don’t even greet sef. I was wondering where you knew him from that you were talking so animatedly with him. Be careful oh, he is a sly: not a straight forward person, keep your distance, okay?’ 

My mind could only process ‘wow‘.

I had a lot of respect for this man who had so freely dragged another man down in front of a student. Another senior staff. A professor. 

I said ‘thank you sir’ and left. You see, there’s nothing wrong in having differing opinions about a person, after all, we don’t all operate with the same mind, but it’s another thing to be open about your hate- that’s why the homophobia could be rampant- open hate. It starts from things like this. 

At that point, I was listening to the man give me reasons why I should steer clear, I was also listening to the things he wasn’t saying, and I could hear :’ I am not a person you should emulate, because of the things I’m saying about another person, you should be weary of me too. If I can tear another man down this easily, babe, I would shred you to pieces if you double-crossed me’. 

I felt a little unhappy, I had accorded this man with so much respect, I felt like he had just betrayed me.

So here’s my moral: what are you saying about someone? Would you be comfortable if you were told to your face that someone said such a thing about you? These things might not be physical, but you’re planting bad seeds in the hearts of people, and most times you’re the one to reap the fruits. Yeah. That is why they say Karma Is A Bitch.

And that is a post for another day. 

Till the next post, much love, stay happy, stay blessed. 

Your Girlfriend.