one year on WordPress

1 Year Anniversary Achievement

I remember opening this blog some days after I turned 21 last year, I was excited! It felt like I had a baby that I was going to watch grow over the next few months. I made promises to be faithful to my blog, update it regularly, make sure I had good content, and every thing sweet.

Network started messing up, there wasn’t always free Wi-Fi, I’d be too tired from school work to even put up a ‘good morning’ post. I made friends, I lost them, I made a few more, I couldn’t keep up with my Reader, I started to doubt that I had made a good choice by creating a blog.

The WordPress community was expanding, and I was caught somewhere in the middle.

I turned 22 a few days ago, and I tried to do an appraisal, let me say I had some revelations.

Over the past twelve months, I have metamorphosed in no small ways, learnt new things, accepted the ground level more often than not, enjoyed my friendships, had a solid life out of social media, tried to solidify the life i had on social media, interact more with people, thought about the ‘what next’n phase of my life, being a final year student in the university.

Thank you for staying with The Girlfriend Blog this long, one year is not a joke, especially when you could have done something else with your time, but chose instead to check out what is up with this blog from time to time.

I hope to be committed more to this legacy we’re creating, because I realise it’s not just about me anymore, but phenomenal people who have viewed, commented, liked, shared my posts and taken these words to be bigger and more meaningful than i could ever have imagined. I appreciate you.

Cheers to many more years of growth, of good friendships, of great content, of creativity, honesty, humour, and celebration of life.

I celebrate you!

Much Love,

Your Girlfriend.






There are times when the zeal to do something you love just fades. It’s not for lack of passion, it’s just what it is. But in these times, it is because you know why you started it in the first place, that is what keeps you going.
There will be times when you and a friend will not talk as much as you used to. You might begin to wonder if you are really friends. Or if your job is the right one for you, because there’s no fire anymore.

There will be uncertainties at every turn, sometimes it could be a lack of assuredness that the person you love might not love you back as much as you do them. Or it could be a little thud in your chest that in the place you’re working, people do not appreciate you.


These things do not make up all of our lives. We have joys, victories, memories, triumphs. We have hope. 

This is for everyone who has felt like this at some point. It’s not your entire life, it’s just one hurdle in your race. So live, and be happy, cry when you need to, and move on. Rise above those feelings and live.

And Live.

Why Not Knock?

You know i don’t mean to knock a door literally, right? 

But I just might mean that too. If you stand outside a door and you want to go in, you have to knock. Not everybody has antennas or sensors to alert them of a presence. This is not a Hollywood film mbok.

 Stop the assumptions. Why not ask? Assumptions kill more people than diseases.

Okay, that is not  true, but you catch my drift.  We can’t really know if we don’t try, sometimes, we stay back for lack of courage, or better still, for no other reason but ‘what if they don’t open?’

What if they do?

Why not ask?

What is the worst that could happen?

I’ll leave you this quote from a very famous, world renowned motivational speaker:

“The greatest people in the world ask questions, take chances, and when they don’t like the answers they get, they go for what they want”-Amie Sparks

Have a splendid week. 

Much love,

Your Girlfriend.

Don’t always have it figured out

And you’re not a machine.
Some ‘OCD’ people would be ready to wrong my neck now, but, really, this is said with the best of intentions. 

I read a blog post sometime ago, about the joys of spontaneity and living without anxiety over a plan gone wrong, and I felt like for the most part, the lady was talking to me. We can almost have every area of our life detailed to a T; how we expect to have become in the next five years, where we hope to work, who we hope to be with- this list goes on. And when, for whatever reason, one of those things don’t work according to plan, it destabilizes us and ‘draws us back’, like there’s no more progress.

At 16, I had calculated where I wanted to be by the time I was 21: done with university and just completing National Youth Service. By this time in my young girl calendar, I should have a job, be working at it devotedly, making something of myself, working my way up the ‘mogul’ ladder. 

At 24, I hoped to have gotten married to my husband, whom I would have met within the three years since I graduated from school and got a job; probably someone I’d been friends with for a while. The kids could come immediately, if they wanted,- I wanted to be a young mum, and have my life back to myself by the time my kids were grown enough to take care of themselves.

Beautiful eh?        

Joke Silva has always been the role model

But you see, life is not a phone reminder where you input your expectations for coming  days and have them ring out 30 minutes before. I learnt that.

At 16, almost finishing secondary school, I had to repeat a class and change from sciences to humanities-

This is the bane of students in Nigeria who want to feel ‘adequate’ among their peers, with parents who believe that if you’re not a doctor, engineer, or in the sciences, or studying a money-making course, like banking and finance, you should at the least, but at the height of the humanities ladder, study law-

Because I was more active in arts related activities- drama, debates, the Commonwealth, news- than I was with the jets club. It took its toll on me; I lost interest and was adviced to go where I didn’t have to struggle. Being a boarder, I had digested the advice before getting to my father’s house. The days that came after telling my mum I wanted to spend another year in secondary school can not be described here, they should be made into a movie. Because they were epic-hence, another day’s post.

Nigerian mums are awesome- mine, most especially. She put her hand on her head and began to cry.

All that time, I just told myself, Nne, forget it, you’re not finishing at 16 anymore- and that was the beginning of reality for me, I still added a plus one year though, so I estimated leaving the university and service at 22.
I finished secondary school at 17- finished well, I must add, with the best result of my set- but didn’t get into the university till two years after. See how my calendar was ‘re-writing’ my life plan? At 19, how was I going to finish university degree in three years? I didn’t know, that the school I applied to had plans of its own. 

That was how I got into OAU to study drama, after two attempts. Then the school began to strike. Any little thing, a strike started, or a lecture boycott, or an indefinite shutdown, or something! If it wasn’t the academic staff, it was the non academic staff, if it wasn’t those, it was the Student Union Government. I woke myself up and adviced myself to let God take control of my life, seeing as my plans were wiped as easily as dust.

So I’m here, still in school, waiting for the school to finish whenever it wants to, moving with the strike/ no strike pattern and just living through it. Because I’m quite certain some people entered the school as teeming youths, but left as old men with grey hair- this is no joke, I have seen pictures.

I scrapped that list. Not having it figured out is helping me breathe easy; because if I go back to that list and do all the math again? I would probably be an old woman before I left this school.

Live, enjoy life, don’t kill yourself because you’re not ‘in charge’ of what is happening around you..

…let me leave you with this awesome quote that I have seen in different places, but will now write in my own words:

‘You might not be able to handle the situations you find yourself, but you sure can be able to handle the way you react to them’.

God really is in control.

And that, amigo, is where I draw the curtain on all the inspiration oozing from my pores, for today.

Love Mucho 😘