Romance Novels

I started reading romance novels from junior secondary school. At the time, I read them because it filled my lazy hours, then I read them because there were many of them available and I was a fast reader.

When I got to senior secondary however, I started reading the novels because I wanted what the characters had: the fiery chemistry, the love story, the happily ever after.

Nora Roberts became a fairy god-mother, she could make any story possible: between a warrior and a debutante; between royalty and peasantry; between an idealist and a realist; between two people of totally different worlds. Knights in shiny armours and damsels in distress.

And so I began to dream.

That somehow, I would find a teenager like myself that would sweep me off my feet. As tomboyish as I was, I chose to believe that there was someone who would be interested in me enough to make me want to exchange my bounce for a swirl.

I moved from Nora Roberts to Harlequin to Mills and Boons to every other name possible. I began to look for books by certain people instead of the publishing company. It became a sacred duty to read a romance novel with awe and reverence.

Years after, as I write this, I’m reading a romance Novel by Nora Roberts, one of her ‘two-in-one’s. It strikes me that the stories can be so different, yet so the same: there is always a meeting point, then a conflict, then a resolution. 

I take it upon myself now to wonder if they ever make it to the end or they join the statistics of divorced couples in the world. But of course, I’ll never know.

I don’t know when I lost the reverence for romance novels, maybe it was when I raised my head and decided to write one for myself: one with more realism than dreams.

Or maybe it was when I decided that my Knight had to be excellent for me, and not just one whose character was tailored after a ‘Hunter Brown’ or a ‘Shade Clyde’ or some other name that had no connection with the roots I constantly try to relate to.

I will write my own romance story. After all, I have started writing letters to my future husband.


Friends and Owing money

It’s Monday. The title of this post should probably have been something brighter. 

But please. Mondays should be for frank talk and honest opinions, so you can start the week on a very blunt note. And a sharp note too. Because as blunt as it is, it’s a sharp reminder. 

Wow. I’m such a good grammarian. See what I did with word and opposites there? I should teach English one day.

Back to a serious matter.

Why in the world do friends owe?

I’m not talking about people owing money, because that is bound to happen. But what happens when friends have an agreement and fail to honor it?

I think it is outright dishonorable. Right now, two people owe me money. In this economy. Hmn. I s-m-h

And I’m not saying this because I will keep ‘smh‘ing and leave the money for them. Oh no. I made it clear I will be paid back. Now they want to sly me.

Are you a friend who does not keep to agreements or promises, without explanations?

This is a big deal! I saw on a meme one time that if you want to end a friendship, borrow the person money. Why? As friends you should honor your word. I take word of mouth serious, if you say something, (that you were not forced to say, that you said on your own, without duress or fear or the thought that you might die if not said), then honor it!

In as much as we have friends like that: the ones who are not worth the sacrifice we make sometimes, because we end up disadvantaged– Man, as much Jesus as I want to be, only he died for the sins of the world. I can’t do that– we have to make sure we don’t become the type of friends that are not worth it.

It is a conscious effort we have to make as people to be true to ourselves. Do unto others as you would like to be don’t unto. And you know this exceeds money and agreements. Be kind, be respectful.

Amie. Be respectful.

But like I said on Instagram, Jesus was mature, Jesus turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, a dumb mouth to all those backstabbers and loved them the same.I want to be like that.

But if you owe me money, I will come after you. 

Have a great week ahead☺

Much love,

Your Girlfriend.

Why Not Knock?

You know i don’t mean to knock a door literally, right? 

But I just might mean that too. If you stand outside a door and you want to go in, you have to knock. Not everybody has antennas or sensors to alert them of a presence. This is not a Hollywood film mbok.

 Stop the assumptions. Why not ask? Assumptions kill more people than diseases.

Okay, that is not  true, but you catch my drift.  We can’t really know if we don’t try, sometimes, we stay back for lack of courage, or better still, for no other reason but ‘what if they don’t open?’

What if they do?

Why not ask?

What is the worst that could happen?

I’ll leave you this quote from a very famous, world renowned motivational speaker:

“The greatest people in the world ask questions, take chances, and when they don’t like the answers they get, they go for what they want”-Amie Sparks

Have a splendid week. 

Much love,

Your Girlfriend.