My name is Amie and I’m your girlfriend.

The friend that has everyday experiences just like you do.

The one who also has to make up her mind on important things.

The one always ready to have your back. Your loyal person. Your stand-up person.

We hide behind society sometimes. Me too. Boy and girl alike. You don’t have to hide with me.

This blog is for us: the ones with insecurities, the ones with successes. The ones with family, the ones without. The ones with terrible fashion sense (Oh! Hello there!) The ones with dreams and visions and hearts that beat from excitement and also fear.

Your normal-in-this-not-so-normal-anymore-world friend.

To go to my first post- an introductory one, shall I say, just click here.

Let’s live together, shall we? And make some sense of this rat-race we call life.

Feel free to comment, like, and share the posts on the blog with a friend.

And a friend of a friend.

If you have no friends, share with a stranger, make a life better.

See ya!

Signed: Your Girlfriend.