A letter to Zoe

I wrote this for my friend, Olayinka Olaseni. I haven’t shown it to her, I might not show it to her. This is how I write for my friends, it helps me bring some of our times together into words I can keep for years.

Here goes:

I know you know I write. 

I know you’ve know I love you.

I know you know I miss you.

I know you’ve known for a long time.

I bought akara last night, but I could taste a sadness in its oil; it was not the one we ate together. It was just another ball of fried beans, this one bad for my health.

My sister, 
I wish I knew more French than I do, after all, French is the language of love, Oui?

I want to tell you again, I love you and I wish you were here. I’m counting the days in my heart and I’m glad that every day goes to bring you a step back to this place.

So, when you have learnt all the French enough to conquer France, I’ll be here, so we can speak English together. But I will learn enough to let you know that now and always, 
Je t’aime.

Have a great day.


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