“You are not like other girls”

Whoa! Did he just say that? Oh my! I could feel warmth down my spine. The guy I like a lot had just stood me out from the multitude of girls around him. Me. That must have meant something, right? 

I was not like other girls.

But that did not bring me out of the friend zone. Man, If only.

We had been at this point for a long time: he always saw the best in me. Or if I was going to be honest,  I had been at this point for a long time, while Uche had been moving on with his life just fine. Me, ever hopeful, hoping that one day, maybe just one day, he’d look at me, really look at me.

‘Do you even see me’? I had asked him one afternoon.

‘Of course, you’re wearing your usual black on blue. I see you so well, I could be an overseer’ he said and laughed. It was a joke to him. I even had a usual! I gave myself a mental pat on the shoulder to change my wardrobe. Or shuffle it. The economy did not permit that level of ‘change’ right now.

I knew I had to get my head out of the clouds. Face reality, and move past this crushing feeling that my crush on Uche left me with. But like an addict, I kept denying that I was hooked. 

Until he introduced me to his girlfriend.


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