Smile through the pain

Grit your teeth, if you must, but smile.

There’s a kind of strength that comes from acknowledging you’re pained, but willing to not be grumpy about it.

See, people are pained in different ways: for some, it’s work, others, a health challenge, others have difficulty in finances, some struggle through identity crises, for some still, it’s spirituality and wanting to find God for self. We could go on and on. And on.

Seek help, if it’s beyond you, and when help comes, be brave enough to accept it. Gone are the times when people did things on their own, connect, hard as it may be.

In this part of the world where men can not cry, and women are termed feeble, because they do, there is so much of a restriction as to what to do and not to do.

But can you smile through those terrible times

Let someone else get encouraged because they see you. 

Most of all, when we turn to God for help, He helps us through, one way or the other. All you got to do is believe.

Happy Sunday, beloved, I hope this week brings you the best of all you desire. 

Make someone smile, will ya?

Much love,

Your Girlfriend.


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