Thank You

Just this morning, I sprained my knee in the bathroom of my hostel. It was not funny, but it was funny.

I have always sympathised with people who fell in that place, and said ‘eeey! Be careful oh’, ‘sorry oh!’ Or the more typical naija one, I would just shout ‘ye!’

I fell today in the bathroom, and I didn’t just fall. I slipped, then I kept skidding until someone held me. I was on the floor when I realised I had my knee bent at an odd angle so I mustered courage and bent it back. It made a crack sound.

I stood up. 

Before nko

And all I could say was Jesus help me, Holy spirit help me. I felt funny in my right leg. I know now that if I hadn’t immediately twisted my leg back, maybe my k-leg would be an ‘L’ by now ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

I wanted to say thank you, that’s the core of this post.

To You, Awesome Individual who has liked every thing I have posted here, who has commented, thank you. I have because of you, been inspired to be consistent in this- I know say we never reach there yet, but one day…๐Ÿ˜„

I fell today in the bathroom. So I’m going to the health centre.

A kiss from me to you
A kiss from me to you

20 thoughts on “Thank You”

    1. Haha, when you consider your options, you will close your eyes and do the one with lesser pain. I’m glad I did that, because I still needed to bandage the leg. Imagine waiting for them to straighten it. I would have run mad. For lack of better word.

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