Why Not Knock?

You know i don’t mean to knock a door literally, right? 

But I just might mean that too. If you stand outside a door and you want to go in, you have to knock. Not everybody has antennas or sensors to alert them of a presence. This is not a Hollywood film mbok.

 Stop the assumptions. Why not ask? Assumptions kill more people than diseases.

Okay, that is not  true, but you catch my drift.  We can’t really know if we don’t try, sometimes, we stay back for lack of courage, or better still, for no other reason but ‘what if they don’t open?’

What if they do?

Why not ask?

What is the worst that could happen?

I’ll leave you this quote from a very famous, world renowned motivational speaker:

“The greatest people in the world ask questions, take chances, and when they don’t like the answers they get, they go for what they want”-Amie Sparks

Have a splendid week. 

Much love,

Your Girlfriend.


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