I want…

I want to break barriers,

I want to move mountains,

I want to silence shouts 

And sing songs

And swim swiftly

On the turning tides 

And the terrifying turbulence

Of man’s misery.

                  I want to be

                  I want to become

                           I want to come

               to a place of rest

             And peace of mind

           Without my mind strewn to bits

            Like meat to hungry dogs:

            Keep my mind in one piece.

I want to love,

I want to be loved,

I want to be the light

at the end of your tunnel,

The balm to soothe your nerves,

The voice that puts you to sleep,

The warmth from the cold

The cool from the heat.

               I want to birth nations

               And generations of men

              And women that ride the tides

              And stand their ground

              I want strings of victories

             And their knots of failures

               That make my history

          Greater than the pages of a book.

I want to see the future

Before she comes, 

Have her talk, while I listen.

I want to hear the words

Before they’re said.

I want to stand in a crowd

And stand out.

                    I want my future to see my       present,     

                   when it has become my past and



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