society? or just plain busy-body?

Yesterday was my friend’s birthday.

She cried on my shoulders when I got to her room, she said everyone was asking where her guy was. She’s single, just finished from the university, and almost immediately, people want to know when she’s getting married.

She would laugh, then cry, then laugh and cry some more. 

Now I wonder, is it the pressure of ‘society” to always want to crush someone, even as they are never satisfied,  or is this ‘society’ just a bigger busy body than everybody else.

Where are the nonconformists?!


11 thoughts on “society? or just plain busy-body?”

  1. A birthday is a day for celebration – with or without a man! Society has strange dictations for people, especially women – if we aren’t with a man, we’re told that we’re “lonely,” or “not worth being with,” or “lesbian,” or some other lie! People, both men and women, need to know how to love themselves, first and foremost. When we can do that, we find those who will love us, without even trying.

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  2. So she gives a shit about what people think or expect of her? Has anyone of them volunteered their brother for her to date?? She should stop that crying and laughing nonsense and go enjoy life to the fullest. Your friend doesn’t have real problems eh. That’s why she’s wasting tears. She obviously has a good life. Tell her I said she should clap for herself and continue crying.

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