Love Letters

Je t’aime

Hello friend,
How are you doing? And the weather? It was quite sunny today, but the rains have been first class over here. Lectures have been tight, and make up classes have been demanding. I didn’t tell you, I’ve gotten my accommodation for the session. If you remember, I told you about how I was having issues with that but I was staying hopeful. God answers prayers and he listens to a faithful heart. Don’t you forget that.

I have been bitten by a serious writing bug; everything inspires me! And you, NY dearest friend, will be privy to the results of all the inspiration.

I would love to know you, really, I see my blog becoming a little community, as in the words of Ra- whom I have come to respect as a very strong woman. We all like to be strong, or be seen as strong, right? Correct me please.

See you soon,and please remember always that I appreciate you, for taking time to read whatever it is that I post on here, you boost my confidence :). 

Much Love,



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