A Sunday In September

What is your innermost desire?

What keeps you awake when everyone else is deep asleep?

What pictures do you see in your mind about how your life would be in the coming years? 

What gives you the confidence that you will be alive at that time?

Is your life right now worthy of emulation?

Would you be comfortable, if, right now, your life was switched with that of the ones you love: that they live your life as you live it, and you live theirs?

Would you be endangering them?

Would they be proud of you and looking up to you?

So many questions this Sunday, I have to pause too and answer my own questions honestly.

Live a life you’d be proud of if you watched it on tape. Don’t be two-faced, it never does anybody any good.

Except Tu Baba, he’s made a name for himself since he was called tu-face. But you get my point, right? 

And remember, God loves you. Leave logic and rationality. Leave philosophy and the questions about whether there really is a God. The God who made the heavens and the earth. Leave a life behind that you lived to his glory. 

Have a great week, 
Your Girlfriend.


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