Rains and Lazy Days

This morning and the rain that came with it will stay in my memory for a long time- till it stops. Schooling in an area that is close to the mountains is synonymous to heavy rain and lazy feet. So I’m here, trying to finish up an interesting (surprisingly!) assignment on ‘Antigone’ and Greek Tragedy, and my roommates are singing happily about how they won’t attend lectures, because of the rain.

It just occurred to me that my mum doesn’t know I have a blog. A growing blog, that isBefore I go any further, I have to say a BIG thank you for following this blog, you are the best. I say this because she knew I was on blogspot before- I opened it with her router, but I never bought a modem that could keep up with my data use, and I also didn’t have the phone app (computers aren’t always easy to carry around). She also doesn’t know that I stopped operating the blog when it kept hanging on my phone.

Assignment done, I’m sitting outside class, alongside my other errant classmates who came late to make-up class. Our lecturer sent them out of the class because they didn’t have aprons. I came late. And I had no apron. So I joined the growing community. I must say though, that I don’t feel happy with myself for going late to that class. I mean, I love that class, most of the classes for this semester, and I enjoy them. I can’t even blame this one on the rain, it’s all me.

So I have an hour extra to stay out of all the fun going on in the class right now, and I’m updating the blog. Next class started. I mustn’t be late for this one!


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