Why GreyGinger?

No, ginger isn’t grey. But they stand for two things: grey for one, and ginger for the other.

At the end of my last post, I likened my life to ginger- it’s exoticness-we’ll go into that soon.

I like grey- the colour, (and no, not because of fifty shades of grey, no) because it represents so many things to me. I love to paint my nails grey/ash, because it sounds weird until you try it- really nice. Did I hear you say ‘why not ash ginger then’? Haha. I hope not, it doesn’t have as much swag.

Some people see grey as neutral, as dull, as sickly, but I don’t see it that way, I see a colour that can blend with any colour and still stand out. I see being able to blend in and being able to stand out.

You can call me Gandhi

Most times, people see things in only white and black, if it’s not A, then it’s B. I like to look in between, it has helped me with understanding people and their ‘grey areas’ as I like to call them. Grey for me signifies the other things, thoughts, areas of life that are hardly visited, the deep things, I like to explore them.

Ginger is a spice that I have come to love so much because it has a unique taste. Everything rooty has a unique taste- even turmeric (my mum told me that in the ancient days, turmeric was ground to powder form and used to colour ladies’ lips- that was the day she ate it and had yellow teeth-Bye bye, Mary Kay, hello turmeric). It has a kind of tang when you taste it in food, almost out of this world. The thing is, it asserts its presence in whatever it is used to cook. There, that word- assert. The things I see, the way the days go by and I live everyday, presents itself as exotic, it’s awesome in itself, and I don’t see myself as anything short of important enough to be heard.

That, my dear friend, is why my address is grey and ginger put together- I see, I like to see things differently, I like positivism, and I am of the belief that there is something in everything that makes it have a class of its own.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Me.

Why this blog is titled  The Girlfriend Blog is a post for another day, I don’t want to increase your sugar level with all the sweetness.

*Runs Away*


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