Who I Am and Why I’m Here

This was supposed to be my first post since I joined WordPress, but I joined Blogging U much later, so I didn’t post it. I’d be glad to do so now, learn from the already-experts, and do so much good with this blog.

This is who I am: a young Nigerian with a lot of ideas, experiencing the recession in the economy, the exchange rates, noticing the recession in relationships, nurturing relationships, finding myself, growing up from always wanting the lollipops as a little girl to wanting more out of life. Seeing not only  the lines between adulthood and childhood, but also the reality between the two.

This is who I am: a Christian- you have to stand for something. And completely.

This is why I’m here: to write, as they come, and as I have experienced, the ups and downs of person growing up in a ‘third-world’ country, but not with a third world mind. To be bold and confident enough to write about what some people might be scared to say; challenged the status quo.

I am here to learn from other people too, as no man is an island (if we were though, I’d like to be the Caribbean island- a girl can dream).

I’m certain it will be an experience of a lifetime, it’s my life, after all: like an exotic spice: like ginger.


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