journeys and destinations

I have been stranded for a while in school, having to squat in a room where all I do is bring out a mattress that I keep in the kitchenette to sleep at night. My bags are also in the kitchenette. I had to share my ‘load’ in different places so that I won’t have to move so many things when I’m told my welcome has been overstayed. I don’t cook, I always buy food to eat because I have no place to keep my foodstuff when I buy them. And my dressing! This is the part where I thank God for Jeans.

It is affecting my school work-thankfully we just started the semester, so I’ve been telling myself some truths.
It affected my thought pattern; if I wanted to do anything, I had to puase and think about how not to get tired in case I didn’t have a place to sleep when I was done for the day.

It won’t be completely honest of me though, if I don’t admit that the owners of the room are friendly and accommodating and have become my friends- partly because I was friendly too.

This is why this post is titled journeys and destinations: I have made trips to the office of the Dean of students Affairs, apparently I am not the only one on the path. We’re about 2,500 in the same boat of no hostel accommodation. We all want the same thing, but we’re all going about it differently. 

Another person even pasted a memo about how the Vice Dean had been selling the hostel accommodation for over 200% the amount it was sold for.

Other people already have rented apartments out of campus, but would prefer to get a hostel space, so they can sell it to people like us- for at least a 100% increase.

I’ve been talking to myself of late, telling myself I have to enjoy this uncomfortable place, it’s part of the journey. The careful sitting on a person’s bed so they don’t snap at you, the constant movement from one person’s ‘corner’ to another, so you don’t begin to look like you have decided to share their space with them (sic). The coming to the room late so that you’d only have to sleep when you get to the room, and not do much else. 

It has not been funny. 

But this is what I learnt, and am still learning: There will always be uncomfortable times, not everything will be rosy: there will be times when you want something and can not get it, because, it’s like a lottery- one winner in a million hopefuls. There will be the days when everything DOES NOT resemble your life as you know it. In all these times, how you handle it says a lot about you, who you are.

We all want different things, but when we haven’t got it, are we unapproachable? Are we pessimistic? Are we shut out from every one else, then ‘open for business’ when we get it?

I’m still learning to open up, and enjoy this uneasy ride, after all, the journey’s as important as the destination. 

That said, I feel inspired enough to have my bath and get ready for lectures- they start by 1pm, but just incase a snail ‘bites’ me, better to get ready now.


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