Pelumi In Summary.

You already know how the journey to ondo state was. And how we had to get something to eat, (check the last post before this) I met my cousins there, they took me to our grandma’s house then brought me back after an hour.

We were waiting for the truck carrying the sets to come so we could set up. It came eventually, then we had to find a place to sleep. A lady took us to the staff quarters and got us beds to sleep on. It was almost a camp experience: we had to minimise water use, take turns in using the toilet, and sleep close together to share body heat. I don’t know were the guys went but I know for sure that our sleeping condition was palace-like, compared to theirs. They said that much.

Morning came. We woke up, had a prayer session– you know, in this ‘business’ of acting, you’ve got to be grounded so you don’t get swept away, and away is far, my friend, very far. We prayed, had a short exhortation from a babe among us then we set out to the event hall.

Jump to the main event: we started many minutes past 6, waited through a performance of some sorts by a student of the school ( I must say here that he was a good performer, from the response I heard from the audience)

Then the play started. It moved so fast! I just kept going on and off stage, till we finished the performance. I could feel things though, like the way five people ad their hands in my hair all at once, trying to loosen my cornrows, and how one person would try to fix the mic on my shirt, while another did make up and another buckled my sandals, yet another adjusting my dress. 

And me. Plain me. Star Of The Show Me. All I could think of was ‘this is what principal actors go through?’ It was incredible.

We came to the end, and ladies were rushing backstage to look for Pelumi! I just stood, shocked. And they kept coming and coming. 

Moment of stardom over, I changed into regular clothes and assisted in carrying the equipments out of the hall. It was fun while it lasted. Regular life began immediately, I couldn’t even sit in that celebrity chair for up to five minutes. 

I’m a star, still. I mean, my name is Sparks, right?


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