Interstate Movement

We left Ile-Ife, Osun state, where I school, for Ondo state, journey took about two hours. Now this is the fun part: the number of uniformed men on the highway, armed uniform men. Why it was fun to me, I haven’t been able to figure out, maybe it’s because of our reactions to the ones we met.

First road stop, men in army green uniform with their long guns and hard faces. They stopped us- ordered us to park, actually, i think because we were speeding? The driver got down and spoke to him. Next thing I know, he came back to the car and picked a GLT devotional (The Leverage)  then gave it to the man. I think he wanted some settlement… He got the settlement he needed: some loving words from Jesus! And so we moved.

Next stop: military road block. We had to wait until the Soldier-Man had our time. He swaggered over to our car- a Sienna, then looked inside. The next thing he saw was me ( of course I was all smiles) then I said ‘good afternoon sir’ he replied ‘good morning ma’ I asked how he was, he answered positively and let us pass. It wasn’t until we passed I realised he said good morning, around past 2pm. Yeah, soldiers don’t know anything else other than mornings. Camp experience engraved that into my head.

The next stop was at a roadblock halfway to where we were headed. Policeman. He had a tattered vest on. I think it was a bullet proof. But man, thank God there were no shots fired, I don’t think that vest would have been useful. He was all serious and no smiles. He let us pass anyway. 

We got to Ondo late in the afternoon, and then it was to look for what to eat that became the ultimate search.


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