Thank God It’s Friday

I’m in school, I have a performance in the next 72 hours, and I’m nowhere near being perfect for the performance. 

But I’m happy I’ll be the one on the stage, rendering the lines, transitioning from emotion to emotion, and ultimately passing the message of the play. I am the character the play revolves around.

This is my most challenging role yet, ( I’m sure by now, you’d have gotten the gist that I’m an actor or something?- A drama student. I’m studying drama in the university) and at some point I lost confidence in myself. I just wanted to meet the director and say ‘thank you for bringing me on this project, but I’d rather go home’. Thank God I didn’t.

My problems with the role were:

  • I was finding it difficult to be so ‘in love’ with a person-my boyfriend- all the time.
  • My singing had to be full of emotion all the time: from crying and singing, to bold and singing, to angry and singing, to timid and singing. A lot of singing.
  • There was a way the song was meant to be sung, and I wasn’t even halfway near there.
  • I kept laughing whenever I had to look into my boyfriend’s eyes: that ‘Shakespeare’ look of ‘oh, I love thee, my precious! Prithee, leave me not with the hounds that abound’. I just always messed it up. 
  • And were going to dance too: the cute couple dance. Or the waltz. Or the traditional Yoruba dances that were so rhythmic even without music or sound. 

At least, I loved the idea of a dance or two😊. We’re traveling tomorrow morning to the state of performance- Ondo state. And as you might already know, I’m certain God has gone ahead of me, and pulled the hearts of every student to that hall and to the message we want to pass in Jesus name, amen.

More updates coming. Later, that is. I have a song to rehearse.


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