Say What?

That was how this guy said he had a girlfriend. 


And here’s the funny part, I didn’t feel upset. I felt like I had closure. Fresh air. I had been crushing on him for six years. Okay minus one. Five years still isn’t a joke. He never looked my side for once.

I had made journal entries! And ‘love me or die’ comments, but, no show. Then today, when I was feeling down, I started talking about how I was tired of being in a not so defined relationship, and with someone who did not really dig the ‘idea’ of God either.

He talked about his girl and how they talked through their hard times. One eye was reading the message. My left eye was reading the inside-inside message. Sometime ago, I’d have cried my eyes out about how the one boy I fancied didn’t even look me twice. Now I’m  saying ‘fresh air!’ Am I okay?

This is what it is. I’m thinking I probably needed something to wake me up to the impossibility of the whole thought. And not stay waiting for breeze to blow his face in my direction.

In other news. Mosquito is biting me.


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