If life was a mathematical equation…

… Then it would make sense why we’re always trying to prove something to someone. Someone who’s probably also trying to prove something to somebody else. I don’t have any issues with wanting to be better, never have had, never will have, but I have a problem with wanting to be better than somebody else, because you think they’re better than you. What is this? A foreign high school movie?

I’m on my bed right now, peeling bananas and throwing them into my mouth, after buying them (but not paying for them: a senior colleague was eager to help out, and who am I to refuse help?) because I just came in from charging my phone and laptop at the Porter’s lodge in front of my hostel. There is no light in the halls of residence, so I have to constantly look for places to charge my properties every night; climbing the three flights of stairs is now like slipping my feet into bathroom slippers.

I had started watching a video with Priscilla Shirer as the host and two women as guest, they were talking about how women, ladies, should look within and see themselves, instead of looking at the ones that look ‘free’ all over social media and can use the wing of their eyebrows as hook to catch a big Titus fish in the oceans. That, because, of a truth, we are the free ones, the ones with Jesus. The cold drove me in; the wrapper I brought sha… It was just filtering the breeze anyhow.

There is no competition, really. The things that matter now won’t do so in the next 30years. Popularity, style, affluence, (although I agree that it feels good to be popular and wear nice things, but it’s not so much the things as the competition! You’d think it was an Olympic competition).

We need to find ‘x’, Or better still, we need a log book.


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