It Really Don’t Concern You, Fam.

Here we go. Most times, we’re concerned what’s going in in people’s lives. Like, concerned: if we could press a button and help edit their lives, we would. Or, we want to know detail by detail how people get along, what they say, where they went, who they talked to…

… And when it doesn’t fit what we’d like, we want to suggest how they can tailor their pattern to a way that can get a nod from us.

We can get so comfortable playing God in people’s lives, we forget we have ours too.

But it really doesn’t concern us. I tell myself : curiosity killed the cat, are you curious to know exactly how it died or when? I tell myself, wake up. What does it add to yourself when you’re done regulating people without knowing how your own life is going?

God has sorted it all out from the beginning of the world, don’t do his job for him, he never needs your help, on the contrary.

I tap myself when I want to know the reason why two people suddenly became close, or why someone is going to a particular place, or how someone got to where they are at that time, or, just, why they’re sitting in a particular place.

I could get so busy wondering why someone’s life is playing out the way it is, and not because I want to help them, more because I want to be ‘up-to-date’ on their matter.

Then I catch myself and tell me: it really don’t concern you, fam, mind your business.


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